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Here is a very well done and informative video about the Neco Hatago Cat Cafe and Hostel which is located in Osaka, Japan. The Neco Hatago is a cat cafe and shelter that is attached to the hostel. The little rooms of the hostel are separated by glass which allows the guests to view the cats from their bed. The guests can also visit the resident cats living in the cat cafe, and also help by cleaning and feeding the cats during the off hours. The Neco Hatago is a rescue cat hostel which means that all of the cats living in the shelter are available for adoption. If you do decide to visit cat cafes in Japan, please be sure to visit cat cafes that are rescue cafes like the Neco Hatago as they offer a wonderful chance for cats in finding new forever homes.

For more information about the Neco Hatago Cat Cafe and Hostel please be sure to visit their web site at and their FaceBook Page at

Source of Video: - Uploaded by Erica Lion