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Japanese Penpals and Friends from Japan and around the World

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Japanese Penpals and Friends

Tokyo Shibuya Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay Some goals of our Japanese Penpals web site include the following: create friendship and personal ties with new found Japanese penpal friends from Japan and around the World, promote Japanese Culture to a Worldwide audience and lastly a chance to make connections with Japanese Businesses and Professionals who are looking to promote and sell their items and services to customers around the World.

We also look forward to hearing from our web site visitors to see if they may have any contributions or information that they would like to share with us, which we in turn can post on our web site and share with everyone who visits our Japanese Penpals web site. If you have any topics, information, news or stories relating to Japanese culture, food, music, sports, etc. please be sure to contact us.

Japanese Stone Lanterns and Gardens